Farewell, Dean Feliú

Dean Vicenç Feliú with one of his parting gifts

Dean Vicenç Feliú with one of his parting gifts

As most of the Villanova Law community already knows, last week we said goodbye to our beloved law Library Director and Associate Dean, Vicenç Feliú.  Vicenç is off to warmer climates at Nova Southeastern University’s Shepard Broad College of Law as Associate Dean for Library Services and Professor of Law.

Five years ago, Dean Feliú took the reins at our law library at a shaky time, but through his vision and dedication we have been able to weather the storm and come out much stronger at the end of his tenure here.  Under his supervision, the law library has become much more active within the law school community, helped redesign the law school’s website, created an institutional repository to archive the school’s publications, and has strengthened our relationship with the faculty via our library liaison program. Vicenç has been a tireless advocate for the library, and has pushed all of us to work hard for the law school.

Anyone who has had the pleasure to talk with Dean Feliú knows how much fun he is as well.  Beloved by his students, advisees, members of HALSA, and everyone else he has befriended here, a conversation with the Associate Dean could go anywhere from zombies to “The Big Lebowski” to stories of his time in the Marine Corps.  And although there were times he wanted to “stick a pencil in his eye,” that didn’t stop him from greeting everyone with a smile.

We will miss Vicenç very much, and we wish him all the best in his new position at Nova Southeastern.  To paraphrase the man himself, “he’s a great guy, we don’t care what all those people said about him!”

The library wishes you all the best!

The library wishes you all the best!

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