Goodbye Karen!

IMG_2866Today we bid adieu to our long time colleague and dedicated librarian, Karen Gause.  Karen has served the law school community at Villanova for 25 years, always with a smile and a positive attitude that puts our librarians and our patrons at ease.  Many people in the law school are familiar with Karen’s excellent work in interlibrary loan, where she has helped countless faculty and students to find those elusive articles and treatises that they so dearly need for their research… in fact, she even won an award for her tireless work in the library!

As invaluable as Karen has been to the law school community, she is even more important to her colleagues in the law library.  Karen has consistently brightened the library with her great attitude and enthusiasm, which is reflected in all of us every day.  Here is how some of her colleagues remember her best:

I met Karen when I interviewed for this job at AALL in Denver. She, Lynne, and Mary were so warm and friendly—it was one of the most relaxed and pleasant interviews I’ve ever had! I think Karen and I ended up talking about cats, knitting and mysteries during the interview and I knew at that moment that even if I didn’t get this job I’d made a new friend. I’ve only known her for  5 years but it feels like we’ve been friends for much longer! We’ll miss her smiling face and wonderful no-holds-barred laugh here in library row! – Lori Corso

Karen always lent a sympathetic ear to lengthy tales of woe about parenthood, car repairs, air-travel—indeed, just about anything and everything that could possibly be the subject of an odd-ball enthusiasm or frustrated rant.  And, as one of the Library’s leading “cat people,” Karen always had considerable patience for those people who felt the need to share those cat-related internet memes.  There are and will be many good reasons to miss Karen here at the Library, but these stand out the most for me.  Thanks, Karen, and enjoy your retirement! – Robert Hegadorn

It so happened that Karen announced her engagement to Paul on my first day of work. Lynne walked both of us around the law library, introducing me and showing Karen’s engagement ring. Whenever I forget how long I’ve been here I just ask Karen how long it’s been since she got engaged!

Words that describe Karen: intelligent, grace, commitment to service, kind, generous, dependable, calm, even-tempered.

I can’t recall a time since I’ve been here that Karen has ever said “no”. She always finds a way to get what we need, cover gaps, and offer some cheery words. I’ll miss her expert advice and warm smile. – Amy Spare

Karen’s work has always been impeccable!  She gets to know everyone she has to work with and understands their jobs so well.  Additionally, she leaves a positive impression on everyone she works with.  Faculty, students, librarians at other schools always praise how nice and easy to work with Karen is, she has truly been a treasure at Villanova! – Mary Cornelius

Karen has been a great asset to Villanova Law, a skilled librarian and diligent and conscientious worker.  She has always been a quiet presence in the Law Library but the one thing that I will remember is her great sense of humor and her hearty laugh, which is quite unexpected in someone who is naturally reserved.

I have enjoyed working with her and especially enjoyed discussing our shared interests like knitting projects, Project Runway and Downton Abbey. – Regina Kozul

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for the library and the law school community Karen!  Your presence will be sorely missed, and we wish you a relaxing and fulfilling retirement!

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