It’s Crunch Time!

What have I done!?

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How can it be? Do exams really start a week from today? The spring exam period is so short compared to the fall so you may be wondering how you’re going to cram in all of that studying into just one week? Well, you don’t have to go it alone-let the Law Library give you a helping hand!


  • Listening to free podcasts from Lawdibles on your commute or while at the gym. These 10 minutes or less lectures cover narrow subjects of law including things like character evidence and causation in criminal law. Available via iTunes or download from the blog.
  • Taking old exams to practice your skills. They are available online and in print (ask at the Circulation Desk for the list)
  • Answering some shorter sample questions to test yourself on specific topics. The Examples & Explanations series is great for this as is the Questions & Answers series!
  • Reviewing concepts using the CALI online tutorials—completely free and gives you a chance to answer questions as you go through the lesson. Click on Lessons to browse by subject. Many different topics are covered, everything from Contracts to Evidence even Tax! There’s even a list of what lessons correspond to what chapters in particular textbooks—see if your casebook is included!
  • Checking out headphones at the Circulation Desk if you want to re-watch a recorded class lecture or listen to one of the Lawdibles podcasts
  • Organizing your notes using outlining software

You can find many other study aids and exam prep suggestions on our Study Aids & Exam Prep online research guide.

And if you’re finishing up a research paper, check out some of these resources or stop by the Library Reference Desk for some last-minute help. We also have other research guides chock full of resources!

And take a deep breath—the good news is that this will all be over in 2 weeks!

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