A Gnome in the Library

This week, the Villanova University Staff Council recognized one of our law librarians who has made a lasting and extraordinary contribution to the law library and the law school community.  Many of you may not be aware that Karen Gause, our Senior Reference Librarian, will be retiring at the end of this academic year after working in the law library for over 25 years. In that time she has filled many roles as a librarian, and helped countless law students and faculty with crucial research during their time here.

IMG_2783In recognition of her dedicated and tireless service, the University Staff Council, which is comprised of representatives from departments throughout Villanova, awarded Karen with the “Villagnome” award, which is given to those “people and departments on campus who have been caught performing exceptional acts for the good of the community.”  Those who have had the pleasure to work with Karen during her time here will not be surprised that she has been rewarded for performing “exceptional acts,” as that is certainly her hallmark.  Especially in the time she has served as our Interlibrary Loan Librarian, many students have witnessed her resolve to find even the most obscure documents for cite checks and research papers.  You can read more about Karen’s award at the University Staff Council Page (click on the “Villagnome” link).

Please join us in congratulating Karen on this well-deserved award.  Expect a more detailed post soon celebrating Karen’s retirement.

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