Get Up, Stand Up – Standing Desks in the Library!

standing desk 2In response to numerous requests from library visitors over the past few months, the law library has converted some of our carrels into standing desks to keep you on your feet while studying.

Currently we have two standing desks on the third floor of the library in the Northwest corner.  Coming from the main stairway, turn right as soon as you reach the bookshelves and you’ll see them.  One of these carrels has a functioning monitor that you can plug your laptop into to reduce neck strain while you work (Mac users will need a VGA/Displayport adapter to connect to the monitor).

Unfamiliar with the benefits of using a standing desk while you work?  It has been quite a growing trend over the last few years, as research has shown the health risks involved with extended sessions of sitting and sedentary life.  For a glimpse at the upside of standing desks, see this article on

Although we are starting with two converted desks, we will certainly consider adding more depending on demand from the student body.  If you are excited about this new development and would like us to add more or make improvements, come by the desk or use our online suggestion box!

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