The Dean Abides

This… might require some explanation:

The Librarians Abide2

El Deanerino Vicenc Feliu atop his steed in the library with librarians Matt McGovern, Robert Hegadorn, MaryJo Heacock, and Karen Gause

A motorcycle in the library? A coffee can? A heart attack? A white russian? What is going on in the law library these days?

This photo is a submission to the AALL 2016 “Day in the Life” Photo Contest (You can see the growing list of current entries here).  Every year law libraries across the country stage and shoot funny, poignant, and beautiful images of librarians and libraries to the contest to be voted on by members of the American Association of Law Libraries.  It should be clear that we’re going for the “funny” angle.

But, what’s going on in this photo?  Many of you will notice the obvious references to The Big Lebowski, including Assistant Dean Feliu in the classic dude sweater holding a white russian, Professor McGovern’s spot-on Donny impression, Professor Hegadorn mourning his lost friend, dreamy viking Maude, nihilism, and of course the rug tying the reference desk together.


Roy Mersky showing off his cowboy side in the law library

You may also wonder why the director of the library is sitting on top of a motorcycle in this shot, as that is not a reference to the movie.  Well, the motorcycle is his (he is an avid rider), and this is actually a subtle reference to a famous photo of the late Roy Mersky, a celebrated law librarian from the University of Texas, depicting him upon a horse at the circulation desk of Tarlton Law Library in Texas.  We had a lot of fun staging this shot!  Wish Dean Feliu luck when the voting begins in a couple of months!

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