In Memoriam: Elizabeth Devlin (VLS ’76), Librarian and Associate Director of the Law Library

Librarian Elizabeth Devlin

Elizabeth Devlin: 1926-2014

Elizabeth Devlin had a deep relationship with the Villanova University School of Law, both as a student and a librarian.  Born in 1926, she received her J.D. from VLS at the age of 50, quickly followed by a library degree and a career in law librarianship.  Elizabeth served as Assistant Director of Reader Services in the law library starting in 1983, and was promoted to Associate Director in 1986, with a brief stint as the interim director in 1987.  She retired from Villanova in 1992.

Former Law Library Director Alan Holoch once said of Elizabeth:

Her record is excellent.  She has shepherded us through some rather dramatic and traumatic times : architectural renovation, installation of a new security system, computerization for the students and some library functions, reorganization of the Technical Services Department, revamping of the legal research program, and upgrading of much of the reference staff from single-degree to dual-degree status.  I truly enjoy working with Elizabeth … her reaction is always one of wisdom and reasonableness.

Our own Steve Elkins, who worked with Elizabeth, remembers:

One image I will never forget is when the Director asked her to go across the street to library storage in Saint Mary’s Hall to assess its contents and value.   I went over to meet her later and found her sitting on the concrete floor in her long skirt sorting through Pennsylvania Records and Briefs, lost in the research and organization of it.

Elizabeth Devlin passed away on October 25th in Sedona, AZ at the age of 87 (more information here).  The law school owes much to Elizabeth for helping to shape the Villanova Law Library into the institution it is today with her hard work and dedication.  Our thoughts are with her family and friends.

Librarian Elizabeth Devlin and  Students

Elizabeth Devlin with students at the Law Library

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