What is the Villanova School of Law Digital Commons?

Digital-Commons-logoby Ben Carlson

Did you know that the library has created and maintains a full-fledged archive of VLS scholarship and historical documents?  The “Villanova School of Law Digital Commons” can be found here: http://digitalcommons.law.villanova.edu/, and includes much of the scholarship and history of the law school, as well as providing court documents that serve a vital need in the Access to Justice (or A2J) movement.

In short, our repository is hosted through a product called Digital Commons, which is by far the most popular platform for law schools to maintain scholarship archives.  Currently, our Digital Commons site contains:

  • The First issue of the Docket

    The First Issue of “The Docket,” October 1963

    Scholarship: every article from every issue of the Villanova Law Review, Environmental Law Review, and Moorad Sports Law Journal, along with almost every article written by VLS faculty.

  • Court Documents: Villanova Law Library is the official backup archive for the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, and so our repository has digital copies of the last 20 years of Third Circuit opinions (both reported and unreported).  With free access to government documents becoming more crucial, we are happy to host these opinions and facilitate access to justice.
  • VLS History: Finally, we are excited to reveal our most recent addition to the repository, a historical archive of the Villanova University School of Law, which will document the first 60 years+ of our existence.  We have kicked off this collection with the full run of The Docket, the student-edited newspaper for the school of law, which ran from 1963-2001.  Over 200 issues of The Docket are available to browse and download in PDF format, for those who would like to reminisce or learn about the goings on at this school over the years.

Since we created the repository, it has had over 500,000 full-text downloads of our documents, which is an impressive milestone.  These archives hold over 25,000 documents, and we are adding more all the time.  Feel free to search through what we have, or just browse the archive for items of interest!



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