Introducing ARTHUR: A New Look and Name for our Online Catalog!

Arthur Catalog Logoby Ben Carlson

With the new school year, the law library is making some changes to our online catalog interface!  You can check it out right now at

New Design:

Our new-look online catalog

Our new-look online catalog

Our catalog had gone a few years without any visual updates, and the color scheme was set to match the colors on the VLS website prior to 2009, so it was time to shake things up a bit.  In addition to a more soothing blue color scheme that is closer in appearance to our current website, we have added many helpful research links to the catalog, so that you are still connected to all of our resources on any of our sites.  Quick links to send us an email for reference help, go to the Falvey Library website, or check out our Legal Research databases are featured on the main catalog page.  The new catalog should also work better on smartphones, helpful if you’re already in the stacks and you want to find a book quickly.

New Name:

“Have you asked ARTHUR?” In order to give the catalog a little more personality, and to pay tribute to the founder of the Villanova Law Library, the online catalog is now named ARTHUR. So don’t be surprised if, when you ask us a question at the library reference desk, we ask you if you’ve asked ARTHUR first.

Expect another article very soon about who Arthur Pulling was.

We hope you enjoy the new online catalog!  If you have any questions, or notice anything not working properly, come visit the reference desk or email us at!

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