It’s All Fun and Games With the Librarians

by Benjamin Carlson

On June 6th, the winners of the PIFP auction for “Game Night With the Librarians” came to Professor Matt McGovern’s house to dig in for some serious gaming!  After a tense game of ***** your neighbor (bad word redacted to protect the innocent), the group of three law students, some of their friends, and the five legal research instructors split off into two groups to play some Balderdash and Lie-brary (a game where the challenge is to make up the first line to a given book that will fool everyone).  Things got a little saucy at the Lie-brary table once the focus turned to romance novels.

The Group of Game Night Attendees

The Group of Game Night Attendees

All in all, it was a night of good food, good drink, and many laughs.  The library was very happy to throw an event like this to support PIFP, and we plan to offer more items like this at future auctions!

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